Hey ppl! I know you must be wondering that after xams are killing me post i never posted.. well i am alive and they didnt kill me but they sure did put me through a near death experience.. i actually failed in two out of 3 subjects and barely passed in the third.. so i quit programming after that for a few monts and after that i got a job offer from Trippert Labs.. that was really awesome.. i worked on a shockwave 3d car racing game.. so its basically a 3d game that you can play in your browser..  but what with me already failing once in A Levels i worked part time there for a month and quit after that due to my studies.. neways after giving my papers i was contacted by a guy, Faizan Naqvi, hes a partner at a very well going company Faber Nitor, and one of the best guys i have worked with.. he wanted to try out the mobile games market and wanted me to make a game for him.. It has worked out well since i made a game demo its called Maze Ball.. but we dropped the idea as we thought it might not work well in the market and now i am working on a new game.. which i think youll know about in a couple of months.. Cheers!..