Well for the past few months the conditions i have been working have been amazing..ly bad .. it started first with 7 hours of load shedding (power outage) each day.. and i was like wth how am i supposed to work like this.. i had recently bought back then a gaming pc that cost me over a $1000 which means 60,000 rupees.. its amazing with a dual core 2.4 ghz , hd 3850 graphics card, 2 gb ram, 300gb hard drive.. but due to the excessive load shedding i could have no work done.. so i had to throw it away and get my brothers broken single core 1.7 ghz laptop repaired, which doesnt have battery btw so i had to get a ups to run it cost me 16,000 rupees to get that.. after spending that much money and going through that much crap just to get some work done.. it turns out now they dont like the 7 hours of loadshedding so they just upgraded it to 9 hours (kudos pakistani power stations).. neways so to survive now under such conditions i had to get another battery to help me run the freakin laptop and the fans in the house and my wifi, modem and stuff for as long as i wanted to.. cost me another 10,000 rupees.. i mean i thank God dont have a massive problem because i am earning good money which is like my pocket money and can spend on what ever i like, but what about the poor.. how are they going to survive when the temperature tops 40 degrees and there is not even a fan to cool them off..