Hello, if anyone is reading this you must be wondering hey this guy is stupid.. well i didnt know but i am stupid to not have an updated blog because it turns out that freelance indie developers like me should have a blog according to this article.. well even though i am thinking of commiting to this blog and publicizing and updating this regularly but as the title says my enemy has returned.. my A2 papers are starting from 20th may so i will have to study hard for them.. but my plans for future have changed dramatically as i am planning to drop further studies and go fulltime as a game developer.. i already have a job and ill keep you posted on what i do there and especially what i do in my free time.. one more thing looking at the current situation of my country (pakistan) the next time we meet maybe i am in a lesser india or greater afghanistan or maybe even the 51st state of the united states.. let us hope what ever the country it is that we all are safe..