Hey, even though i am busy with studies now adays but still i work a little now and then on some things.. Firstly i found Haafs 2d game engine.. a very nice opensource 2d game engine that is very nice to work with.. it incorporates directx so its completely hardware based and utilizes the power very well.. one more thing that i found related to this is the mercior animator.. check this video out of it in action:

its really cool, and i have managed to port the loader class to EdgeLib engine what i am working with nowadays, but still i dont see it viable for mobile phones as you need to to use some kind of 3d rendering technique (or maybe a work around using affine texture mapping to 2d coords?) but still either way it is going to be slow for mobile phones..

anyways another person i would like to tell you guys about is Ian Dallas hes a student at USC but some of his works are really mind blowing.. like The Unfinished Swan and he is also one of the designers of The Misadventures Of P.B Winterson.. both these games have a very genious and unique gameplay, that left me speechless.. i seriously need help from these guys for my next game.. neways now back to boring and useless chemistry i go :(..