Things have been going really slow as i have been waiting for the graphics of my game to come these days.. I have been working on a BrickBreaker title which is finally going to be released soon after seeing a lot of trouble in way with finding a graphics guy and my papers n all but its finally gonna come out in a couple of weeks for s60 and windows mobile.. specifically targetting the tilt features of the n95 and htc touch diamond.. but its gonna work on all s60 and wm phones..

These days ive started work on our next title which is a very nice physics title for iphone and n95.. Its just at its design stages but im gonna get this one out in a much better fasion than my last title hopefully.. these days im porting the brilliant box2d engine to symbian.. to test things out i ported it to windows mobile, and tried it on my htc touch diamond.. but the 528 mhz processor of the diamond lacks a vector math processor, so as expected the physics runs REALLY slow as it has a lot of floating math involved.. as for symbian, ive recently begun work on the port and it seems like a long way to go, as n95 is a s60 fp1 phone and nokia integrated the stl code from fp2 onwards :/.. i have to port all calls to stdio, math.h, cmath.h etc to some custom functions to handle them.. ill keep you updated about it on my blog hopefully.. cheers..