In my last post i was talking about porting box2d to symbian.. a few days into the port we stumbled upon some bugs in the game which i had to fix, and after that we locked on an idea for our next project but it was 3d,  so porting box 2d would be useless for us.. but in the few days that i worked on the port, i realized you dont need to do anything to box2d if you are developing for a s60 phone with fp2 or greater as these phones have the OpenC  extension from nokia pre-included in them..  so you just include the OpenC extensions and only a couple of lines of code need editing other than that box2d works fine.. the fixed floats in box2d didnt work that well for me, but if you are serious about developing a 2d physics title, work a bit on it and youll have a very fast physics engine at your disposal..