After ages i finally muster up the strength to write a new post for this blog. Dont think i didnt have anything to write about, over all these months almost every other day i had something on my mind that i thought of blogging, but the busy routine limits me from sitting down and actually writing about it. But i regularly tweet, so if u are interested in reading my tweets follow me here.

Now, as i have been working from home for the past 2 years i wanted to share my experience with you guys. So here are the pros and cons if you are considering working from home:


  • You are basically your own boss. Work whenever you like, rest whenever you like do what you want and how you want just get the work done in your own style at the end of the day.
  • Setup things as you like; loud music or no music setup your environment as you like. (Unlucky for me i live in a flat so i couldnt do this 😦 )


  • Family chores. You start to work, and then someone asks you to do this, do that and your entire concentration wavers. This has been the hardest for me to cope with, specially because im the all rounder handyman of the house from repairing electric appliances to fixing door knobs its all on me.
  • Stress. With office, you go to the office for 6-8 hours and when you come back home, you have nothing to think about. You just have to chill out and relax. With the office in your home, the stress lingers on all day, when the pressure is high im not even able to sleep so just keep working day and night.
  • The factors above cause you to be less productive and results in making it very hard for you to finish your work in time.

My advice is, if you live alone then you can work from home, if you are married or live with your parents setup your own office times during which no one is allowed in your room. But for this to work you still need  to be driven by the work itself, because otherwise you would waste most of your time playing games :P.