I am going to go off my usual theme of technical talk and talk a bit about my personal life today.. I finished my A Levels last year and after that as i was working with a good company and was planning to learn a lot of stuff at home by myself i planned to take a break from normal studies..

In this one year, i have worked on a 3d game for multiple mobile platforms (more about this in a month its in last stages of development right now).. the mobile game alone has been a great learning experience as i encountered a lot of issues and solved them by myself like setting up a tool chain for the artist and then making the game run efficiently on device, etc.. other than this i started experimenting with directx 10 and webgl (i know im late on both, but i was just starting my career before this so i never had the time)..

The point of this post being,that now, after the year is over, everyone seems to push me to join a university and get a degree as if that piece of paper is a free pass to heaven.. everyone around me has this strange thought of a degree having the utmost importance in life..

I for one am absolutely against this ideology, i consider degree to be a mere piece of paper affirming your claim that you have some skill.. and if you have another method to affirm this claim (a finished game, some other projects) than a degree is useless and is a complete waste of time.. i am not going to fall under societies pressure and waste 4 very crucial years of my life.. and i am happy to see that atleast someone agrees with my point of view: